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The file path important. Make sure you don’t put all images in a Find Your Phone Number generic folder, for example create subfolders per category. Make sure the images are mobile-friendly. How will you make an impact through SEO? Due to the many updates, it clear that Find Your Phone Number the SEO specialist not performing the same work as a few years ago. It important to keep abreast of developments within the SERP and to think ahead. Take a look, for example, in the search results of America. The updates are often rolled Find Your Phone Number out there earlier than in the Netherlands.

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Make sure the content of good quality, be visible locally and Find Your Phone Number respond to the importance of images. Google strives to be as relevant as possible. We therefore expect more and more updates to ensure that users are offered even more relevant content in the Find Your Phone Number SERP. With SEO you can respond very well to this with the above advice. Of course there are also other SEO optimization options that I have not mentioned. Do you have a nice tip or addition? Please leave a comment. Let’s work Find Your Phone Number together to ensure that SEO specialists can continue to make an impact.

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