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Attendees Have to Follow a Strict

Although possibly not everyone was very sure that it was going to happen, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) has opened its doors in Barcelona. The weekend has had the official speeches and the win dinners and the fair has kicked off. Barcelona will host these days, between June 28 and July 1, the telecommunications fair, whose cancellation in 2020 was the first sign in Spain that something was quite wrong and that, this year, it ended up being delayed until the summer.anti-covid protocol, showing negative tests for the disease. In addition, everything will operate with contactless formats.

The forecasts for this year are quite low, which means that the press is talking about a decaffeinated edition. If in 2019, 109,000 attendees and 2,400 exhibiting companies passed through the Mobile, in this year’s edition there will only be Norway phone number 35,000 and 50,000 visitors and about 300 exhibitors. They are minimal figures in comparison.The impact of Mobile on Barcelona was usually overwhelming. Hotels were the clearest example of this. Prices skyrocketed, finding empty rooms was impossible, and those who managed to get one paid crazy amounts for spaces that didn’t deserve it. However, that year only 45% of hotels in Barcelona are open during Mobile.

Occupancy Does Not Exceed the Average

Already half of hotels) and, as pointed out in El Periódico , prices have hardly changed.The newspaper has used as a scale to see the effect that the MWC 21 is having a four-star hotel room, with a usual price of 110 euros and that in the last MWC reached 700. These days it is available for 78 euros . The hotel supply is much greater than the demand. The hospitality industry does not believe that Mobile is relevant because of the impact it will have directly, but rather as an element that generates a certain optimism.For companies and their marketers, what is interesting year after year about Mobile are the big technology issues that dominate the agenda.

Norway phone number

The pandemic is that while face-to-face events have many advantages.  And were still one they to bring back soo.  Digital events also added a lot to the marketing strategy. All of these virtual actions it possible to reach a more geographically dispersed audience.  One that was often left out of congresses or conferences.  They tend to focus on large cities. The door was also opened to see these elements on a delayed basis, adapting to the time needs of the attendees themselves.

The Important Thing Is Almost Not the Technology

The important thing is almost not the technology. At the end of the day, this is a technology fair.  The summit event of the telecommunications industry.  That allows us to visualize what elements will dominate the agenda in the year to come. Since the MWC is usually in February.  It also has a lot of inauguration of the important things of the year. However, this year the technological thematic agenda almost seems the least important. The Mobile is one of the first of the great events of the year.  That has decided to maintain the forecasts and when. Although other fairs and congresses for these months and even later have plans.

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