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Before that, web players decide to launch their own channels. The  television channels launched on You tube are irremediably appealing to hundreds of others. While in Russia the competition from Western tools is intensifying. The famous Yandex search engine unveils its internet browser . What happens when Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, HP, Mozilla, Nokia and Opera team up? Web is born. It is a documentary platform for web developers. These entities are regrouping while others are emancipating. To improve its presence and its social offer, TripAdvisor buys Wan derfly, a specialist, Twitter-style, in travel recommendations.

Sign of the good health of the French web, the French music streaming service. Deezer announces the realization of a fundraising of 100 million euros.  They demand that the American giant pay for the content it references. A dialogue seems to be taking place between Google and governments . Brazilian newspapers point out that they left Google with no regrets . At the same time, the CNIL requires Google to better protect its data. For its part, the Mountain View firm must be more focused on stopping losing its thinking heads.

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Latest: an advertising specialist left for Yahoo . On the side of good and bad reputations, it would seem that managing your influence online gives you the ability to monitor your market like a stock market activity. Stock market precisely: Facebook shareholders were pleasantly surprised by the latest results of the social network which calm its vertiginous fall. Moreover, to monitor the bad buzz of a complicated IPO, commented on all the social networks of the planet, it can be interesting to evaluate the impact thanks to a dashboard and a reporting of video campaigns . Two trends punctuate web news at the singapore cell number moment, changes in advertisers’ behavior  mobile solutions and the direction taken by pure-players towards “all paid”.

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Apple is raising the prices of its apps . Mobile payment solutions take a big leap forward with StarBucks. A third of companies test mobile apps . And, social networks are becoming more and more profitable: with Pheed there is no longer any doubt. Web marketing and social networks Let’s continue in the register of “all paying”, with social networks and in particular Facebook which seems to want to force advertisers to open their wallets to communicate. Facebook makes one of its paid services and we can now upload our posts to our friends’ Facebook timeline , for a fee.

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A new economic model celebrated as it should be with the brand ‘s first TV ad celebrating its billion friends. However, Facebook continues to address the greatest number and to accentuate the social and universal aspect of the network. The race for fans is over, the priority becomes the recommendation towards commitment and the relationship of trust.  Thanks to the Open Graph , Facebook allows companies to benefit, on their own website, from the same functionalities as the Facebook site by adding their own action verbs.

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