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Ceo at Professional Publications

The Spanish Marketing Association has also announced the jury for the LATAM category, which is made up of: Jorge Abuchalja, president of the Association of Marketing Directors (Uruguay) Carlos Alzate, CEO at Havas Media (Colombia) Rolando Arellano, president of the Peruvian Marketing Society Óscar Dávila, Managing Director at Casa América (Spain) Natalia García, Director of Marketing at Movii (Colombia) Luciano Pazcel, founder of the Rosario Marketing Association (Argentina) Ingrid Pérez, CMO at Claro (Colombia) The Technical Secretariat of the National Marketing Awards will be in charge of Ana Pérez, Director of Accounts at ATREVIA.

The work of the jury will culminate on May 27, the date on which they will choose the winners who will later be announced at the National Marketing Awards ceremony that will take place on September 16, 2021.before the Sustainable Paraguay phone number Goals were established. It is currently a mandate from our president that each one of our brands has a purpose. In fact, so much so that according to Palencia “brands that communicate purpose are growing twice as fast as those that don’t.

In This Context, Branded Content Is a Communication

asset that brands have to connect with an increasingly aware, committed and demanding consumer. According to Carlos Sanchez-Llibre. Brand content is a communication asset produc by a brand.  That provides relevant and interesting content for its audience. Sanchez-Llibre also highlighted that the BCMA.  Will soon present a methodology to analyze how align a brand’s brand.  Content is with its values. “It is important that all brands can use it.  To  purpose in their value chain and consistent with their commitments.”

Paraguay phone number

Zoom Marcas experts have agreed that the digital environment.  And the new entertainment platforms are providing.  A great field for experimentation in terms of new branded content formats.
Social networks, a channel that is already omnipresent in all marketing strategies.  Will also have their analysis in this forum with Clara Elliott-Bauzá. Brand Partnerships Lead of TikTok, who will talk about the keys to creating engagement with the public through platforms such as TikTok, in a success story with Iberdrola. David López , co-founder of FHIOS Smart Knowledge.

Will Also Talk About the Use

of AI within social networks to learn about the potential it really has when it comes to maximizing results.The professional marketing managers in attendance will also be able to learn about the success stories of large companies that are revolutionizing the customer experience through marketing, such as Metlife, Toyota or IKEA. In addition, they will have access to an agenda of specialized content such as the intervention of Antonio Carballido , director of digital sales and optimization in Europe at Banco Santander, who will speak about the CRO model, which aims to convert the analysis of user behavior into improvements for company platforms.

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