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Were required without specific formalism for distance selling.In addition to the mandatory double-click to validate the order. From now on, pre-ticked boxes will be prohibited. It will now be up to Internet users to positively validate their order or commitment themselves. In addition, until now, a telephone order following canvassing must, to be validated, be confirmed and signed in writing. The directive requires that this validation only take place. By sending a confirmation using a “durable medium” including e-mail.

Nevertheless, the regulations will remain different depending on the country. Indeed, having required a minimum clause on this subject, France will be able to keep its more restrictive regulations. Right to retract Articles  and of the. European directive deal with the right of withdrawal. France relies, in this regard, on the  directive which stipulates that a remote buyer. Has  days to withdraw as soon as the property is in his possession. But in terms of consumer protection, questions still remain about the time limit for returning the product available to the buyer. The new European directive is clear. The buyer will now have  days to withdraw by notifying the merchant, and an additional  days to return the product.

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Without information of this right by the merchant to the customer, the latter will have one more year to return the product. Direct consequence: cancellations for convenience are likely to increase. However, the days are already relevant and reassurance can only help in a better conversion. From the notification, the merchant will have days to reimburse the buyer. The seller may defer this reimbursement as long as the product has not been returned or without proof of return being formulated. Sellers will still face the risk of having to refund a product without knowing if it is really damaged or even if the package returned empty. On this point, if an objective is clearly set, the 1800 numbers australia directory countries have several possibilities to achieve it. In France, it will be necessary to look particularly at what is meant by “proof of removal”.

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If the merchant now has  days to refund, verification of fraud and litigation threats will have to be anticipated to onlydays. However, merchants can now reimburse delivery costs taking into account standard shipping rates even in the case of express delivery. Only condition to this reaction to the right of withdrawal. The merchant must offer standard delivery, and above all, inform the customer of this provision. Express delivery methods should then flourish. Finally, exceptions confirm the rules. Article of the new directive adds exceptions to the right of withdrawal in the VAD for personalized products and goods “mixed inseparably with other articles and for alcoholic beverages.

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Merchants are also invited to use the withdrawal form attached to the directive. Finally, for health or hygiene reasons, certain products whose packaging has been unsealed. Cannot be refunded (health and beauty items). Performance of the contract Certain terms of execution of the. Distance selling contract are modified, in three points: Articles and  stipulate that, for delivery and the transfer of risk, unless otherwise agreed.

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