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In this way, a synergy between SEO and SEA Uganda Phone Number can arise, where the two reinforce each other through higher visibility or a reduction in advertising costs. Also read: The 3 psychological principles behind Black Friday (and other events) Create Awareness: Teach Them ‘Search’ This topic was briefly mentione by Martin Uganda Phone Number MacDonald, after which Sander Tamala went into a lot more depth in his session. It is about raising awareness among the people in the company, so that they all understand what it is Uganda Phone Number about and can do their own bit. many hands Involve the boss, because he knows the market and has a huge network.

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Involve the helpdesk, because Uganda Phone Number  they know what is going on with the customer, what can be used in the development of the product or service. Everyone in the company has a role to play in a company’s complete SEO Uganda Phone Number strategy. Proclaiming the SEO gospel is not for everyone, but it is necessary. You have to make sure that the people in the company get excited. This is not always possible by simply Uganda Phone Number explaining what the cause and effect is and why it is important to do SEO.

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Uganda phone number

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So try to motivate them in other ways and keep Uganda Phone Number them motivated! For example, make it an internal competition, but more importantly: share the successes! Has a good blog post been written? Show your appreciation. Has the help desk uncovered a pain point? Let them know the reaction of the customers after solving Uganda Phone Number it. Keep them up to date on the progress and especially what the results are. Choose the right strategy A good question is: how can you best optimize a website that does not Uganda Phone Number sell online or generate leads (eg McDonald’s)? In practice, however, this mainly indicates achieving more branding.

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