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A handy trick is to use a ‘Read Find Your Phone Number more’ link. The first paragraph is then always visible to visitors, while products are also visible above the fold. If the visitor wishes to read the entire text, it can be made visible via the ‘Read more’ link. The text is fully readable for search engines. Read more link 3. Use data from Find Your Phone Number your internal search engine. The keywords that visitors enter via the internal search engine are pure gold. After all, it provides direct insight into the needs of your visitors. For Find Your Phone Number example, thanks to our internal search engine, we discover a lot of demand for smurf hats. Since we add this product to our web store, this is one of our runners.

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Without this data, we would never Find Your Phone Number have known that the Dutchman likes to go out on the street as a! 4. Prevent duplicate content: use an AJAX filter in combination with hash URLs (GEEK tip!) Example filter / layere navigation A frequently use feature in online stores is the product filter. This is a tool to refine the selection Find Your Phone Number of displaye products, for example by size, price, etc. To determine the correct selection, parameters are often add to the URL, such as (the parameter in this Find Your Phone Number URL is “size” with the value “small”). The problem is that each URL variation is treat as a separate page by search engines, resulting in duplicate content.

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Search engines want to prevent their Find Your Phone Number index from being fill with URLs that contain (almost) the same content. It is therefore important to avoid duplicate content. There are a few quick fixes for preventing duplicate Find Your Phone Number content (including the Canonical link tag and the Meta Robots tag ). However, these techniques do not eliminate the root of the problem (the existence of many URLs with Find Your Phone Number the same content). A ‘real’ solution is to use AJAX in combination with hashes (#). The part in the URL that comes after the hash is ignore by search engines.

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