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Facebook Ads Retargeting: A Pixel-Size Snitch!

Facebook advertising by retargeting is a formidable technology to increase your profitability and the relevance of your advertising operations. The Complete Guide to Getting Started on Facebook Ads Beginner The Complete Guide to Getting Started on Facebook Ads The Complete Guide to Getting Started on Facebook Ads To download Imagine a gigantic shopping center, where visitors would be constantly observed by thousands of cameras scanning their interests in the aisles to take note of the items they would have observed the most:

It would only remain to submit them the article corresponding to their areas of interest at the checkout or at the end of the course, right? Welcome to the world of Facebook retargeting! In this article, we’ll focus on retargeting advertising for Mark Zuckerberg’s social network: Facebook. The Facebook advertising tool has options that can be complex, so it is necessary to know at least the basics of creating an advertisement on the social network to understand the article. For people who are just starting out, and want more generic information about Facebook advertising as well as help creating campaigns: You can first consult our article on Facebook

Ads Retargeting: Bringing Back Internet Users, Recalling Your Offer

Facebook uses a cookie named PIXEL to track Internet users … The FB pixel is represented by a piece of JavaScript code to be placed on your website. This allows you to save your visitors’ preferences (with cookies) To better identify them and to Egypt Phone Numbers List present them targeted products with advertisements related to their preferences.

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A cookie: A cookie is a file saved locally on the Internet user’s computer and which contains information on their preferences. The cookie is used by the servers of the websites and it is the browser which manages the authorization to disseminate the information. The distribution depends on confidentiality preferences and it is the Internet user who activates or deactivates them in his browser. Cookies have a limited lifespan which can go out for up to a few months and are particularly useful in retargeting advertising.


JavaScript is a programming code used by your browser that it uses to perform specific actions and energize your web page. It makes the page dynamic and proactive with regard to the actions of Internet users who visit it. The majority of sites use JavaScript to update elements without reloading the page for example

Facebook Pixel: The Facebook pixel is a cookie designed by the social network to track Internet users on specific pages and in order to record their preferences. It allows for example to capture the identity of a visitor on a sales page to resubmit the product on Facebook as part of advertising messages. When a user visits your site and takes a specific action, Facebook’s Pixel can be triggered in real time to report it and to be able to target your customer again later in an advertising campaign. Visitors who have taken the action feed a database of visitors likely to be interested in this product.

MARKETING RETARGETING: Retargeting makes it possible to present relevant and specific advertisements thanks to tools for capturing the preferences of Internet users, thus advertising messages are better received and thereby trigger a greater conversion. This type of strategy is used in particular by e-merchants so that their potential customers do not forget the product or service in question.

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