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Influencers are part of people’s daily lives, ranging from

An influencer is a person with enough potential to generate engagement in an audience that follows their accounts on social networks . Considered the prescriber of the 21st century, it drives conversation and influences the intention to purchase products and services. Achieving a powerful emotional bond with a considerable percentage of its audience. Influencers are part of people’s daily


For years, companies have begun to treat these people with

special affection, aware of the power they have over their audience , closing commercial agreements Portugal Phone Number for millions of dollars. In addition, micro -influencers are becoming increasingly important in the marketing strategies of companies. And it is that, despite having a much smaller audience, its influence in niche markets is enviable. INFOGeve thanks to the way in which they transmit their knowledge and way of life. If a user likes what  2# They communicateessential value for any brand, reflecting on complex issues in a simple way. 3# They have knowledge They are experts on a particular subject.

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Whether in healthy recipes, generating comic pieces or opening

our eyes to realities about which we can learn every day, such as the environment , mental health or racism . They are inspiring people who encourage their audience to learn every day and who share their knowledge on different platforms. It is also becoming more and more common for them to allow their followers to ask them questions that they usually answer through Q&A videos (questions and answers) on YouTube or in

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