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Introduction to Social Documentary Photography

Over the next few weeks we will explore the different facets of social documentary photography that we will seek to define on this occasion. By oscar colorado nates daguerrearagoparisacademyofsciences1839 «françois arago announces the discovery of daguerre, in a public session of the academy of sciences».

Illustration of the session of august 19, 1839, published in louis figuiers book, la potographie 1869 members of the paris academy of sciences immediately appreciated the possibilities of the daguerreotype shown by jacques mandé daguerre. By itself that invention, which would end up evolving and being called After that, photography. Was prodigious. Beyond the almost miraculous fact of creating an image from reality, there lay an unprecedented capacity for recording.


Photography as a reproduction of reality

From experiments, classification After that, and archiving of photo background removing plant and animal species or the preparation of indexes of human emotions to physiognomic typologies, photography was the privileged means to provide certainty to an investigation. In its beginnings, photography was part of the spirit of its time. A product in perfect harmony with the paradigms of positivism. It was seen as the tool par excellence to offer direct and objective information.

Very soon the first ones who used it to count the world appeared. However, “…they were simple recorders, skilled technicians, to be sure, but passive observers. … they presented themselves as collectors of facts and denied having aesthetic or political interests.” yo edouardbalduslenouveaulouvre1857 edouard baldus. Le nouveau louvre.

photo background removing
From representation to opinion

1857 one of the first uses of documentary photography IT Email List was to record monuments and architecture to create detailed inventories of historical heritage. However, more than a mere record, photography was capable of producing something much more sophisticated an authentic document. Document and photograph document4 oscar colorado nates. Goodbye to power 2013.

The first notion of document is found in the field of linguistic discourse. That is, in the written piece the first notion of document is found. Of course, in the field of linguistic discourse. That is, in the written piece, whose primacy would last for centuries. However, little by little there was a transition from the written document to the iconic one. Ii humanity has been moving from the written text to the image. Giovanni sartori already indicates “we are in the midst of a multimedia revolution.

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