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It Seems Unlikely

Marketers will get it back in the second half, but it won’t be all at once Marketers still don’t feel safe going back to in-person meetups Tags events marketing hybrid events coronavirus crisis How will face-to-face events return? Marketers will get it back in the second half, but it won’t be all at once In the closures that were made at the end of 2020 about the things that the year had left and what could be expected from the next, there was an element that was repeated. The coronavirus crisis had made fairs, congresses and company events disappear.

as it had done the same with concerts and other events that involved a high concentration of people. Beyond the mobility limitations that prevented potential attendees from attending, there were the reluctance of those potential attendees. Going to a Qatar phone number  was seen as a risk and an unnecessary one. In the optimism at the end of the year, with the newly released vaccines, it was taken for granted that the recovery of the calendar of events would be almost imminent. The great meetings already shielded then summer dates. But will face-to-face events suddenly return as soon as summer arrives?

How Will Face-To-Face Events Return?

The return will not be from zero to one hundred and neither will it be exactly imminent, even though the calendar of events already includes appointments in the month of June. As a study by Digiday has shown , which has asked marketers and media professionals about their plans to return to conferences, congresses and other branded events, most do not expect to return immediately. Thus, 70% acknowledge that they will not go to events in the next three months (which includes, doing the math, June) and just under half believe that it will take about six months before.

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They feel comfortable and safe in a face-to-face event 31.3% are only willing.  To attend events for 12 months and 10.1% do not even.  Think they will do so in the next year. Only 13.1% of those would attend an event.  In person in the next month and only 15.2% would in the next three months. When Digiday did its previous study, last Januar.  The figure was 20%. Marketers are becoming more reticent and pessimistic. In addition, the previous tour itself shows that marketers and media.  Professionals have not attended events for a long time, although this does not seem to be a problem.

Only 4% Attended Some Type

of event in the last month and an overwhelming 85% say they have not done so in the last year. Did we forget the events? Does this mean that companies should forget about face-to-face events for the rest. Of the year and that the big events planned for the second half of the year are doomed to failure? Not quite. Rather, it can be expected that the second half of the year will see a return to the activity agenda and brand actions, but also that the way in which it is done will not be exactly ‘as before’. That is, it is not going to go from pandemic normality to pre-pandemic normality in a few months.

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