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Marketer Who Thinks Crappy Content Will Work Still Exists

They did this by buying links or working dozens of them into spammy pages in an attempt to manipulate. Google’s search results. Google, unsurprisingly, didn’t like it. As such, the search engine has developed an algorithm update to address this. The change was called the. Penguin Update, and it went into effect in April 2012. Designed to punish sites that use spammy backlink strategies, the. Penguin Update sought to ensure that sites focusing on links did so for quality and relevance rather than perceived SEO gains. Advertising. Continue reading below Today, sites that use spammy backlink strategies pay for it in the form of penalties from. Google and less respect in the online environment. Additionally, cheap, link-heavy sites are out of fashion with content creators around the world. And many teams and individuals simply refuse to create content that doesn’t provide value beyond its backlinks. But the craziest thing is that the marketer who thinks crappy content will work still exists.

The project consisted of web pages for local dentists.

Here’s the proof: an Luxembourg Phone Number example of my copywriting agency speaking to an inbound prospect with this mindset just in October. Are marketers still creating content for links? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. In mid-October, my team received a request from a marketer to create “just for backlinks” content. The project consisted of web pages for local dentists. We don’t create content like that. So when we sent him a quote for engaging content that would be written for the reader as well as Google, and not just created secondary to a link, here’s what he said. I am not joking. (Names removed for confidentiality reasons.) happy mill customer 1 The reason we refer people like this elsewhere is that 1) first, at the rates they charge, it’s impossible to retain competent writers, and 2) writing this content would mean we would have to lower all standards we have for our other clients who receive attractive copy.

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The answer is varied and largely depends on your goals and objectives.

Furthermore, this content would not add value to the overall web ecosystem. No wasted time arguing in the simple response our support rep sent him: content factory client response But, there is a silver lining in this story. The marketer came back to us a month later and invested in next-level services, including our keyword strategy. He also asked for our advice on creating local and geo-targeted content for his clients. Advertising Continue reading below Maintaining high standards will ultimately win in content marketing. 8 Types of Content That Boost Your Online Presence So if content stuffed with spam and backlinks doesn’t earn links, what does? The answer is varied and largely depends on your goals and objectives.

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