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Mina Macarán was not our coal supplier

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) denied that the Macaron mine in Musquin, Coahuila, is one of its coal suppliers ; However, he regretted what happened and expressed his solidarity with the family members. all number data news “The Federal Electricity Commission categorically denies that the mine where the unfortunate accident occurred in Coahuila is a coal supplier to the CFE, consequently, it was impossible for its director to be aware of the state of the mine . They find one of the  miners trapped in Micaran dead After the incident recorded at the Macaron mine, all number data  Civil Protection reported this Saturday morning that they located the body of a lifeless person , which has already been recovered.

“Teams working in the search and rescue of workers trapped in the Macaron mine in Musquin all number data, Coahuila, have unfortunately located the body of a lifeless person, which has already been recovered,” he reported in his Twitter gutter. According to the state government, 7 workers were trapped after an overflow flood, according to the first investigations. It is not true that the National Electoral Institute (INE) of Mexico has prepared, as stated in social networks, a surveillance plan with hidden cameras at the polling stations for the midterm elections all number data  this Sunday.

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An alleged statement from the entity has gone viral on Facebook with all number data  the warning that the INE , together with other police and military organizations, will reinforce “security in the region of the isthmus of Tehuantepec (in Oaxaca, south of the country) to guarantee the legality in the next elections ”. all number data  “In all the boxes where they are going to cast their vote there will be hidden cameras; which will be monitored by the It Email list (Office of the Attorney General of the Republic), INE and Military Intelligence, and will be protected by the National Guard ” all number data , the text assures. This action aims, he continues, “to discover the voters who have sold their vote; to later arrest them, be prosecuted and punished with corporal punishment as established by law ”.

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