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Must Be Clear And Representative Of Your Function

Use a semantic field and long-tail keywords: You must promote the richness of your semantic field by using a wide variety of keywords rather than targeting keywords that are too generic. In addition, if your main keywords are not very or very competitive, it is more interesting to target more specific queries around the same semantic field because this notably allows you to create quality traffic. Structure the data of your web pages with the rich results: Structured data helps provide clear information about the meaning of your web pages. Placed in specific tags, they make it possible to provide additional information during a request. Example: A film can thus be described by its title, its summary or its duration thanks to structured data.

explanation of the long tail theory in natural referencing Also remember to optimize the SEO of your images: Use quality images : be careful not to choose images that are too “heavy” so as not to slow down the loading of your web pages Opt for new generation image formats: JPEG 2000, WebP, etc. Fill in the “title” and “alt” tags of your images: in order to describe your image and make it easier for Google to understand the content 2. Integrate local SEO into your SEO strategy It is important not to neglect the local SEO of your business. In 2020, more than 60% of searches were “local”. The health crisis has also proven the importance of being well referenced locally. In order to optimize your local referencing, you can already create and/or improve your Google My Business listing.

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This will allow you to be visible locally and create quality traffic on your website. To improve your local SEO and positioning, you can also use local keywords in your SEO strategy. If you want to know more about local SEO, do not hesitate to consult our article right here 3. Optimize your content for voice search Today, almost 1/3 of Internet users use voice search and it is estimated that 50% of “mobile users” will use this technology in 2021. Voice search is different from text search. Voice queries tend to be much longer and often framed as a question. Users who use voice search are therefore less likely to use “targeted” keywords. Thus, for a company, using long tail keywords seems to find phone number france he most suitable strategy for voice search. By optimizing voice search, you also increase your chances of appearing in “position zero”.

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The zero position where “featured snipped” corresponds to the result which appears as a box above all the other results. In general, this box responds directly to the user’s request. We also know that voice assistants read only one answer at a time and often this answer comes from “featured snippets”. If your site site appears in position zero during a query, it is very likely that the voice assistant will provide your content during the same voice search To improve the chances of your content appearing in position zero, you need to structure your content in such a way that it answers a user question. You can therefore define short content blocks (300 characters) aimed at answering a user question.

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You can also use bulleted lists, tables and other formatting to make your content easier for Google to read. Coverage New customers Coverage New customers Coverage New customers How to increase traffic to your website? Implement best practices and quickly increase your website traffic ! Find all our tips in our white paper . DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER FOR FREE! 2. Google Page Experience, the major update of 2021 The Google Page Experience update is most certainly the major update of this year 2021.

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