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Brand name. Reviews are increasingly important to Henan Mobile Phone Number gain trust (including from consumers). Focus on collecting reviews. This will also make you stand out in the local pack. You can add services and products to your Google Business Profile listing . Do this! Show the user what products you offer so that it clear at a glance. If people are interested, they will Henan Mobile Phone Number click through to your website. This also ensures that the right target group ends up on your website. Share information and news items via posts to inform your target group as best as possible about Henan Mobile Phone Number promotions, news, or other information about your company.

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Local pages by region Create local pages per region. For Henan Mobile Phone Number example, if you are a roofer in The Hague but would also like to be visible in the surrounding cities in the Randstad, you can create pages for those regions. If you want to be visible in Henan Mobile Phone Number Leiden, you can create a page for the keyword ‘roofer Leiden’. This way you still have a chance to be visible when people are specifically looking for a roofer in Leiden. With this method, you mainly attract Henan Mobile Phone Number consumers who use local search terms. These kinds of pages still seem to work fine.

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Citations are online references to a company with the company’s Henan Mobile Phone Number name, address, and phone number on various websites. The more often you are mentioned, the better. It also important for local findability. For local SEO, there are some must-have quotes: Google Business Profile listing Bing Maps (via Bing Places) facebook Yellow Pages Yelp (or alternative) I recommend Henan Mobile Phone Number that your business be listed on several relevant websites were it possible to list your business online. 2. Answer questions & respond to long-tail searches Informative and good content and Henan Mobile Phone Number remains important. Especially with voice search and the increasing number of long-tail searches.

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