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SaaS Entrepreneurship Roadmap (85): How can companies avoid layoffs?

First, the company’s management needs to realize that “layoffs” can have a major blow to team morale and a months-long impact. From the SaaS Entrepreneurship perspective of the time period, it is difficult for the team to return to the previous high state in a short period of time after the layoffs were “100 days of injury.”

I went straight to the topic. In the layoff action, there are several key points:

The underlying reasons for layoffs

Let me list the reasons for the layoffs in chronological order:

  • The vision is too big, and the CEO’s ambition exceeds the cash reserves on hand.
  • After the last round of VC investment, the R&D investment was too large. Here I have calculated the accounts before. Since the gross profit margin SaaS Entrepreneurship of SaaS companies after deducting marketing expenses is very low (for example, 20%), if an additional R&D investment of 10 million is required, an additional 50 million in sales is required.
  • When old products are not profitable, they are eager to invest in new product development.
  • The corporate marketing system is expanding too fast, and even the gross profit margin after deducting marketing expenses is negative.
  • Lack of crisis awareness and crisis transmission.

The positive teaching material for this last point is President Ren of Huawei.

I have seen Mr. Ren several times in Huawei Afghanistan Phone Number and saw that he was frowning. He was really worried! When the performance was good around 2000, he said “Huawei’s winter”, introduced IBM’s IPD integrated product development process, and asked everyone to “shave their feet and fit their feet”.

Avoidable “Surface Causes”

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

How to avoid the above risks? – In fact, it is inevitable.

It’s inevitable that a startup will need to try new products and “blitzscale” when opportunities arise.

But we can do the following management work solidly, so that problems can be found in time:

  • In the expansion plan, there must be a bottom line of “per capita efficiency”. I think that the marketing system in which revenue cannot cover the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) is a disguised toB subsidy, the cost of cheating and control is too high, and the risk is too high;
  • Adhere to the 18-month cash reserve red line.

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