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Sales Enablement Content is the Majority of What Get From Your Sales Team

After all that’s the sort of content they want. It makes their jobs easier it helps sell more. And it drives more revenue. Wait isn’t making money the ultimate goal of the content you write? Understand the buyer’s journey When reviewing your blogs to improve conversions. Understand that not all blogs are created equal. Some article topics are more likely to convert than others. Articles in the consideration and decision stages of the buyer’s journey have better chances of converting sales-ready leads than awareness stage articles.

 You Just Sourced From the Sales Team is Built to Convert

Articles in the awareness stage. On the other hand are more likely to convert people interested in learning more from you . But these people may not be ready to buy from you quite yet. With that said  Jordan Phone Number there are types of content offers that are more likely to convert. Depending on where people are in their buyer’s journey. Optimize-business-blogs-for-conversions if people are just building awareness of your brand . And enjoy reading your content and learning from you. But aren’t ready to make a purchase any time soon.

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Keep Them Engaged by Encouraging Them to Subscribe to Your Blog

Checklists, templates, tip sheets, and workbooks are also great lead magnets to get top-of-the-funnel leads into your pipeline.At the consideration stage. Folks are better vers in what their problem is and what kind of solutions are out there.They are now looking for resources that will help them zero in on the right one. Entice them to convert by offering product/service buying guides, comprehensive ebooks, insightful videos, a webinar, or a pre-recorded demo. For those at the decision stage, offer to give them a personalized demo, get on a call for a consultation,

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