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The meta description is officially not really related Shandong Mobile Phone Number to SEO. It does not necessarily improve your findability. However, by filling in the meta descriptions you can ensure that you show a short and powerful summary of the relevant web page. You Shandong Mobile Phone Number can enter a meta description and title per page (and per image) using an Shandong Mobile Phone Number SEO plugin (think of Yoast or Rank Math). Google can take over what you enter and this then shown in the search results.

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You only have a limited number of characters, so make sure Shandong Mobile Phone Number your call-to-action stands out ! It important to remember that people only read ‘half’ when they look up something in the search engines. We humans like convenience. There are therefore different search intentions We are looking for the answer to a question. We are Shandong Mobile Phone Number looking for information. We want to achieve a targeted result. In other words, we are in action mode. Note: sometimes Google does not take your meta descriptions literally. Google will adjust your meta description if necessary Shandong Mobile Phone Number to be more relevant to the search.

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The text that – according to Google – best matches the Shandong Mobile Phone Number search query then copied. This can sometimes look a bit strange in the search results, because part of the sentence missing. Check whether you have entered the meta description and Shandong Mobile Phone Number whether the description not too long or too short. This can also affect whether or not your meta description shown. Tip: are you curious whether Google shows the correct meta descriptions for your own website? Then Shandong Mobile Phone Number open Google and type in the following: site:testosterone-your website.

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