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The Farm Security Administration (FSA)

After the great depression, the two collective initiatives that would leave a fundamental mark on the history of documentary photography emerged. By oscar colorado nates 1. The farm security administration fsa 720pxusfarmsecurityadministrationlogothe united states suffered one of its worst crises after the crash of 1929. The economic situation worsened notably in rural areas when the phenomenon of the alvaneras the infamous dust bowl occurred, forcing countless peasants to change their residence.

To deal with these problems, president franklin d. Roosevelt instituted an agency called the resettlement administration in 1935 Charged with the remodeling of the rural sector, especially impoverished. I name later changed to farm security administrationfsa and a photography department was opened for the purpose of recording the agencys activities. Roy stryker was responsible for coordinating the photographic documentation work.


The Migrant Mother shows the quintessence

Stryker assembled a team of photographers e-commerce photo editing including walker evans, dorothea lange, theodor jung, edwin rosskam, louise rosskam, ben shahn, john collier, sheldon dick, jack delano, russell lee, carl mydans, gordon parks, arthur rothstein, john vachon and marion post wolcott. Infographicfsa640x stryker traced routes and themes. Photographers had to keep careful logs and notes of the names, places, and situations they captured.

Roy stryker roy stryker “the farm security administration fsa is the most famous incarnation of a more general movement of crystallization of the documentary current in the course of the 1930s. Indeed, it is from that moment that it emerges, both in photography and in cinema. , the idea of ​​a documentary genre , endowed with a coherent theory, aesthetics and history, and which retrospectively constitutes, in both media, a genealogy and figures of masters.” ii despite their initial instruction, the talent of the photographers began to produce images of high aesthetic quality and underlined documentary value.

e-commerce photo editing

The photographer always spoke of the importance

Thanks to the “…promotion of contracted After that, photographers, the IT Email List service quickly extends its mission of immediate information and awareness to a much broader task of documenting the american vernacular culture.” iv we will delve into the work of three representative fsa photographers walker evans, dorothea lange and arthur rothstein. A walker evans walker evans walker evans, the Enfant terrible of the fsa of the group stands out walker evans who “soon became a kind of «spiritual leader» and took some of the best photos of the group. He was the most talented of all.

His technique stood out from the rest of the group immediately. Walker evans decided to use a bulky 8×10 camera instead of a 35mm handheld. This decision managed to create images of impressive thoroughness. His style was direct and literal. His images have a compositional clarity where the simplified, frontal and centered framing generates images of a strange stillness. ” iii at first glance, evans photographs are simple to the point of simplism, but when his plates are compared with the work of other photographers, the detail of the large negative and the precise concision with which the photographer chose his subject and faced it are obvious.

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