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Times the Keyword or Sri-Lanka Phone Number

According to various formulas, a text ‘must’ contain at least Sri-Lanka Phone Number an x number of times the keyword or search term. Still, there’s no real evidence that a particular keyword density works to rank higher in Google. You often see that this does not Sri-Lanka Phone Number necessarily make a web text or blog better, in fact, it usually results in annoying use of keywords. Google itself says that the excessive use of keywords violates the quality rules of the search engine. But, really honestly? I Sri-Lanka Phone Number prefer to write texts that touch and encourage action, than counting how often the search term seen in the text.

Search Term Still There’s Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Do I use strategic keywords? Hell yes! Tip: Don’t Sri-LankaPhone Number overdo the use of keywords and search terms. Always keep checking and checking whether the text fun and enjoyable to read. 4. What duplicate content? Duplicate content means that there Sri-Lanka Phone Number are multiple web pages that contain exactly the same text. So duplicate content. This can be on the same website (internal) or on Sri-Lanka Phone Number a different website (external).

Sri Lanka phone number

No Real Evidence Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Google says about this that the use of “substantial blocks of Sri-Lanka Phone Number content” or texts that largely contain the same content not allowed. This therefore seen as duplicate content. Why this detrimental to SEO? Because Google can only let one page ‘score’ in the search results. It therefore not the case that you will receive a ‘penalty’, but it can happen that your page Sri-Lanka Phone Number decreases in position in the search results. 5. Are meta descriptions and meta titles important? Yes, yes and yes again! In particular, the meta title (title tag) important, because Google picks up on this.

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