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Marketing or Marketing? Let’s talk about anglicisms in marketing

This last question posed can be a good start for this article where we will thoroughly analyze the effect of in our profession . And with objective data! To do this, we will use what the experts from the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) , the Advertising Academy and the K W Finder tool say . In this way, uniting the academic and the technological, we will be able to have a complete vision of the introduction of unnecessary anglicisms in our profession and to know how important the effect of English is in Spanish-speaking countries. Let us begin! Marketing or Marketing


Marketing or Marketing?, that is the question

Depending on your orientation with respect to the Atlantic Ocean —if you are to the west (LATAM) or to the east (Spain)— the intensity of use between Kenya Phone Number List the word Marketing or Marketing changes. It is said that in LATAM it is more common to use marketing than marketing . How true is this statement? To respond objectively, we are going to use the KW Finder tool from , which measures the monthly searches carried out by users in the search engine. And, then, what are you looking for more: marketing or marketing? I answer…

Mexico —with about 120 million people who speak Spanish— is the country with the most Spanish speakers in the world. We are going to analyze the term marketing in the Mexican country,


With its exact match

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Marketing, marketing and merchandising: average monthly search volume in Mexico and Colombia, according to
In Mexico, the term marketing , according to the analysis carried out in , presents an average monthly search volume of 92,700. In the same way, the term marketing , considered as a synonym of the word marketing , receives a volume of 4,000 searches on average per month. And, then… Will these two volumes be greater or less than marketing ?Marketing has an average of 102,000 monthly searches compared to 92,700 for the word marketing. Therefore, we can affirm that, in Mexico, the language of Cervantes beats that of Shakespeare in this digital quadrilateral, Marketing is the preferred term and it beats Marketing. And in Colombia? We start with Marketing. Nothing more and nothing less than 45,100 average monthly searches for the term marketing .

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