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These  new indicators are therefore added to the 4 previous ones. These criteria, previously considered by Google, will now be taken gradually in the ranking of your web pages. Google, through this update seeks to put the user experience at the heart of its expectations.Optimize the loading time of web pages You can use the Essential Web Signals report from Google Search Console first. In particular, it will allow you to visualize which web pages of your site are the least efficient.

You can then focus on these pages to fix priority issues. Then you can use web performance tools to improve the loading time of your web pages.  The objective of snack content is to optimize as much as possible the little attention that an Internet user will give to the content: thanks in particular to visuals, catchy titles, a certain ease of navigation…. This helps to generate new leads.

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In addition, snack content fits perfectly into a content marketing strategy. There are therefore different types of snack content: Short videos: “tutorial” videos (less than  minutes), teasers for your events or explanation of tool functions. Definitions definition of “technical” terms or specific vocabulary. The objective is to improve your web referencing. To explain a phenomenon, show statistics, etc. The same and  Snack content often used, it can trigger a positive emotion. A tweet: limited to 140 characters, it allows you to create a quick uk consumer data list  der to interact with your community. A mini blog post words.

Some examples of snack content.In  the behavior of the decision maker tends. To be modeled on that of the  “zapper” consumer. What we mean by this is that  consumers know how to decipher the advertising and marketing. Discourse that can be seen on social networks. And just like the consumer, the  consumer tends to skip content more easily. With content snacking in  companies have every interest in “capturing” a professional audience who surely has less time available than a consumer. For the marketer , many “snacking content” can be exploited: Short videos memes GIF Carousel In addition, another example that illustrates snack content well is the carousel.

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Here is an example of a carousel made on our LinkedIn page: example of a carousel posted on the social networks of the company intento carousel posted on intento company networks intento company carousel example intento company carousel example The carousel is a short and dynamic content format. With simple visuals and bright colors, it makes the publication more “impactful”. Indeed, the content is presented briefly and accompanied by illustrations, which makes it quick to read. The advantage of the carousel is that it can take different content formats: informative, descriptive, factual… You can therefore create a carousel where you give “10 Tips for…”

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