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What Is Recommerce? An Upward Trend In Digital Sales

Three Kings Day is just the beginning to be able. To grow your business digitally. Similarly, at WOM GP. We help you boost your brand with marketing strategies. That will ensure more customer traffic in your online store. For this to happen, just contact our experts by clicking here. Recommerce is what it has been decide to call this new trend that is on the rise in the fields of digital sales. Although it is nothing new, today it has been gaining strength. Especially because some large clothing brands have join. This circular shopping movement, as it can also be call.

With Recommerce, it is intended that you begin. To think about the second-hand market. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. So in one way or another, brands want to counteract these effects. And join the challenges that pollution, industrial waste and carbon emissions bring. In this context, the use of clothing is no longer seen as something. That can be use and thrown away, but something that can continue. To be use until its ultimate consequences. Taking advantage. Of all the materials with which it was manufacture.

H&m Is Another Clothing Brand

Are you ready to optimize your content Iran phone number generate online sales? Contact us here . Index of contents What is Recommerce? Changes in consumer behavior How does recommerce work? Recommerce in Chinese consumers What is Recommerce? Recommerce is known as resale. Reverse trade or buying second-hand products. From sales of used products. On social networks to platforms like Resikla de Platanitos. Consumers have always been interest in obtaining a good, even if it is second-hand. With Recommerce, it is intend that you begin. To think about the second-hand market.

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Changes in consumer behavior If you had been offer a piece of second-hand clothing 10, 15 or 20 years ago, you might have preferred to buy something new. However, the new generations are concerned about environmental issues, and that is why Recommerce is a successful model. There are figures that this market has an approximate value of 28 billion dollars. On the other hand, it is expected to reach 64 billion dollars by 2024. How does recommerce work? An example of a brand that uses Recommerce is Levis . First, the client wears his second-hand outfit. Later they give you a wallet so you can buy other clothes. So that later, the brand resells it on a special digital platform.

Obtaining Benefits Through An Electronic Wallet

That has been integrated into this new model. In the Canadian market, it allows its consumers to sell and buy second-hand clothing regardless of brand. Obtaining benefits through an electronic wallet. Recommerce in Chinese consumers An exceptional case of Recommerce is presented with Chinese consumers . The case of China Recommerce is social and full of discoveries. It is a trend that is becoming popular with consumers, who are increasingly adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Alibaba is a Chinese company dedicated to Recommerce.

And in their application they integrate all the possible functions related to the purchase of second-hand items, you can even rent or recycle used items in any imaginable category. Alizila’s Jing Wang explains how the recommerce experience in China can be so different from other parts of the world, reaching 300 million users. Alibaba is a Chinese company dedicated to Recommerce. Currently, due to the moment we are living and the context to which we are exposing ourselves to technology, and the predisposition that already exists in these issues, we are at the right time to promote Recommerce.

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