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What Sources of Information  Protect?

What is the purpose of obtaining access to protected information?  Therefore, The purpose may be to access, change, modify or destroy the data. Any action is illegal if performed by an attacker. Familiarization does not lead to the destruction of the data structure, and modification and destruction lead to partial or complete loss of information. Therefore, What is the source of confidential information? The sources in this case are people and information resources: documents, flash media, publications, products, computer systems, means of providing work. Ways to gain access and how to protect yourself from unauthorized attempts to influence the system? There are the following access methods.

Unauthorized access – illegal use of data; Leakage is the uncontrolled spread of information outside the corporate network. The leak is caused by deficiencies, weaknesses in the technical channel of the security system; Disclosure is a India phone number of the impact of the human factor. Therefore, Authorized users may disclose information to share with competitors, or through negligence. Therefore,  The second stage includes the development of a protection system. This means implementing all chosen data protection methods, means and directions.

The System Is Built in Several Spots

of protection at once, at various levels that interact with each other to ensure reliable control of information. The legal level ensures compliance with state regulations in the field of information security and includes copyrights, decrees, patents, and job descriptions. A well-constructed protection system does not violate users’ rights and data processing regulations. The organizational level allows you to create rules for the work of users with sensitive information, select personnel, organize work with documentation and physical data carriers.

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The rules for the work of users with sensitive information access control rules. Therefore, The rules are by the management of the company together with the security service and the provider that implements the security system. Therefore, The goal is to create conditions of access to information resources for each user, for example, the right to read, edit, transfer a confidential document. Access control rules are at the organizational level and at the stage of work with the technical component of the system. Therefore, The technical level is conditionally into physical, hardware, software and mathematical sublevels.

Physical : the Creation of Barriers Around

the protected object: security systems, noise, strengthening of architectural structures; hardware – installation of technical means: special computers, employee control systems, protection of servers and corporate networks; software : installation of the shell software of the protection system, implementation of the access control rule and proof of work; mathematics: the implementation of cryptographic and abbreviated data protection methods for secure transmission over a corporate or global network. Therefore, The third and final stage is system performance maintenance, regular monitoring and risk management.

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