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Ancho Cassis, Bruno Sellés, Verònica Fuertes, José Olivares, Camil Roca, Marc Lite and Gil Blancafort are some of the names that complete the festival’s grid. The program brings together some of the most prestigious advertising and communication experts in the State, who will take part in individual presentations or round tables. The program is structured in new areas: innovation, strategy, branded content, production, new journalism, teaching, automotive, activism and creativity.  Therefore, Sitges Next will close on Friday.

with the What’s Next 2021 awards , divided into five categories: Best Production, Best Agency, Best Innovative Project, Best Social Project and Best Innovative Professional.  Therefore, Registration will be active until tomorrow Tuesday. Registration will give South africa phone number to see one or both full days and can be done through the following formTrend Builders: Retail relies on technology to be more efficient and sustainable Tags retail business companies DataCentric Databases of Companies No. in the market Updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals.

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Of Madrid Degree in Marketing To train marketing specialists with scientific.  Training and research skills At the Trend Builders congress, co-organized by AECOC and TRIVU.  Companies such as Deloitte and Auchan.  Retail have shown their innovative solutions to monitor.  The situation of products in stores and avoid the 4.1% of income that distribution loses.  Therefore, Due to errors in the management of the shelves. The general director of AECOC, José María Bonmatí.  Therefore, Has claime the role of the European Recovery Funds to finance innovation.  Therefore, It is not about attracting resources.

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But about supporting innovative projects with the capacity for transformation” Trend Builders, the innovation event co-organized by AECOC and TRIVU, has brought together startups and some of the leading retail companies this week to present the technological solutions that are helping the mass consumption sector to be more efficient and sustainable.  Therefore, In the opening speech of the congress, the general director of AECOC, José María Bonmatí, has claimed the role of innovation when it comes to “generating value and transforming businesses in an environment of uncertainty.

Volatility and Accelerated Change

In this regard. Bonmatí referred to the role that the European Recovery.  Therefore, Funds should play as a tool to finance innovative plans.  Therefore, That help speed up this process of recovery and change in the production model. The objective is not to capture resources without more.  Therefore, But to support innovative projects with a real capacity for transformation. Therefore,  The congress has also shown some of the most striking innovations that food retail is incorporating to be more efficient. The retail director of Deloitte Digital, Ignacio Moreno, and the e-commerce director of Auchan Retail Portugal.

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